Birthday Party at the Museum

Surprise your friends by inviting them to the celebration of your birthday at the museum. And later, smile when you see how they experiment, participate in magic tricks, treat themselves to delicious dishes, laugh while gaining useful knowledge! No doubt, science can be entertaining, and you can have a lot of fun having a birthday, graduation, children’s party in a museum!

How to choose a museum for a birthday party?


Things to pay attention to when choosing a museum:

  • For a children’s holiday, choose a museum that you know and that the child likes. Children feel more comfortable in a familiar place;
  • Specify the exact venue for the holiday and access to the museum exposition for guests. The museum is usually large; you will need time to find a gathering place;
  • The presence of a special room for tea is a big advantage. It is important that acquaintance with the museum is not limited to this room;
  • Find out if you need to bring treats for your children and parents. Make the exact menu, this will help to avoid disappointments and complaints of hungry and tired children;
  • Museums are more interesting than cafes and restaurants for entourage and stories. But they usually do not have a varied menu. Take the initiative in your own hands;
  • Be sure to order the services of a photographer if they are not included in the program. Game photos in the interiors of the museum will take their rightful place in family albums.


Science museums can offer:

  • Exciting quests. To solve puzzles in the walls of the museum of entertaining sciences, to find out that science is fun, mysterious, and even funny;
  • More than 20 scientific and entertainment programs in which the birthday kid and the guests conduct experiments like real scientists. Over 6 years, more than 20,000 children and adults took part in such programs, and their emotions and energy give museum workers strength and inspiration to create new programs that are more vivid and interesting;
  • Creative workshops. This is not only entertaining but also a useful holiday supplement in birthday scripts. The guests of the holiday (and it doesn’t matter at all how old they are) do not just have fun and create, they learn new information about the materials they work with, about their amazing properties, they solve funny problems and take part in scientific experiments that accompany the master class;
  • Festive table. Well, a birthday party cannot do without it! An interesting program awaits children in the museum with a lot of adventures, creative moments, games and scientific experiments. Of course, little fidgets should not only cheer but also eat tasty foods.