Science Camps for Kids

Today we will talk about the most unusual and interesting science camps for children in the world, which are worth paying attention to when planning your child’s summer vacation.


For the most curious kids

The Swiss network of Altitude International Summer Camps is one of the best in Europe. Children, depending on the chosen program, learn literature, English, music and develop their sports skills – for example, learn to play golf and squash – all this at the height of the Alpine mountains. You can relax for two weeks on an alpine campus for 4,800 Swiss francs.

For future stars

Creative camps accepting children with singing, drawing or theater skills are among the most popular in the world. One of them is Long Lake Camp For The Art located in New York on the banks of the Hudson River. For a lot of money (a three-week shift costs about $6,000), counselors promise to bring future rock stars and Hollywood actors out of little rebels. In his early years, to learn the basics of acting, the “Oscar-winning” Adrian Brody came there. Who knows, maybe the current pupils are the future stars of theater and cinema.

Children can also get in touch with the art of European masters of pen and brush in the famous Italian camp Arte al Sole. To make sketches of the captivating landscapes of Tuscany, to study the architecture of Florence and the sculpture of Rome: parents can choose the orientation and, accordingly, the geographical direction of the tour. The program guarantees immersion in the world of European culture, adapting the offered knowledge even to the smallest students. A trip to Italian paradise will cost parents about 400 euros for a week, excluding flights and additional costs.

Sport is power!

Modern kids are unlikely to be captivated by the possibility of solitude in the dense North American forest. However, the energy of the boys can be directed in the right direction – for example, in sports. Camps for future tennis players, footballers, yachtsmen and snowboarders – sports camps provide a wide field for playing with muscles. Extreme camps are most popular in the USA.

While Ronaldo and Beckham are working out their advertising contracts, future stars are already storming the coveted green field. One of the strongest football schools is located in Catalonia (Spain) at the Barcelona club – FC Barcelona Camp. She students are taught how to score goals like Messi and defend the gates in the style of Gerard Piquet. Children from wealthy families can afford such a vacation (the cost of a weekly training reaches 3,000 euros), however, knowing about the future opportunities of young talents, many do not spare such amounts.

Parents with strong nerves can send their children to Camp Motorsport, a special camp in Richmond County, Virginia. Anyone from 9 to 17 years old can take training in the art of driving, including extreme driving, and it will cost parents from 1 to 2 thousand dollars (depending on the shift and length of stay) without taking into account the cost of the trip to the destination and additional costs.

Big adventure

Not far from Athens, in a picturesque valley on the legendary Peloponnese peninsula, young tourists will enjoy a truly extreme vacation. Stay on top of your saddle, rodeo, and farm — The Ranch Camp introduces kids to the life of real cowboys. In the camp, completely stylized as a village of Indians, there is a farm with deer and wild boars, stables with 25 horses and 6 ponies, the most iconic establishments of the past – an oil mill and a shoe shop.

The Turkish Space Camp, on the contrary, will direct the eyes of children into the future. Children aged 9 to 15 learn the basics of astronautics here: they study astronomy and the exact sciences, as well as undergo the necessary sports training. It should be noted that the space camp is recognized by the Ministry of Education of Turkey as a scientific institution. Living and studying for six days in a Hi-Tech park will cost the parents about $800.