Field Trips of the US Museums

If you want to travel to America with the aim to visit as many museums as possible, you have to plan your travel. In addition to many museums in mega policies, cities of all states have a rich museum heritage. In almost every, even the smallest town has the reason for pride: a memorial, an ancient dinosaur bone, or jewelry and household items of the Indians.


In Washington, there are about 20 museums that make up the Smithsonian Institution, the largest collection of historical artifacts in the world. The National Air and Space Museum has the world’s largest collection of historic aircraft and spacecraft. In addition, there you can see several unique 19th-century Chinese kites, aircraft engines, lunar modules, and astronaut spacesuits.

Within the walls of the National Museum of American History, you can see many things that belonged to US historical figures. The National Museum of Natural History has a huge collection of 126 million exhibits, including dinosaur skeletons, stuffed rare animals, minerals and meteorites.

New York tourists will also not be bored, because world museum values are concentrated here: the Guggenheim Museum, the American Museum of National History, the Museum of Modern Art, one of the best art galleries in the world – the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Among the variety of museums, there are the floating museum located on the huge Intrepid aircraft carrier, which used to be called Undaunted (ticket price $26) and the Immigration Museum on Ellis Island. A visit to the latter is best combined with a cruise to the Statue of Liberty, the tour lasts about 3 hours.

Other cities

There is a belief that only the big cities of America attract millions of tourists monthly. It is a misconception. For example, Carnegie’s unique Pittsburgh Museum of Natural History, a large collection of exhibits related to geology, paleontology, and biology, deserves to be studied in detail.

The facade of the Children’s Museum in Indianapolis (Indiana) includes a huge number of dinosaurs. The museum is interesting not only for children but also for adults: here you can have an extreme wedding even, perform scientific experiments in conditions close to space, and try to live like a real astronaut, get to know China, visit Egyptian tomb, and etc. All current exhibitions and work schedules can be found on the museum website.

The Exploratorium in San Francisco, California is an interactive science museum founded by physicist Frank Oppenheimer. It was the Exploratorium that became the first “museum of participation” in the world.

The Oceanarium in Monterey (California) is one of the largest in the world, with more than 600 species of marine animals. The colossal Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago (Illinois) displays unique exhibits: a working coal mine, a rover, and the Apollon 8 spacecraft compartment.

There are more than enough extravagant museums in the USA. In the state of Massachusetts, there is a Museum of Bad Art located in Dedham Square, where the works recognized as the failure are presented. Amateur ufologists should visit the International Museum and the UFO Research Center, whose exhibits cause conflicting opinions.

Wisconsin has attracted visitors by Circus Museum with an interesting and large collection of circus attributes: souvenirs, posters, costumes from around the world. The museum has more than 200 wagons, visiting which transfers you into the world of childhood, celebration, and magic.