Top 10 Zoo in the USA

Fort Worth Zoo

Location: Fort Worth, Texas
Ticket price: adult – $14, children – $10

Fort Worth Zoo was founded in 1909 in Texas. Its first “inhabitants” were a lion, two cubs, an alligator, a coyote, a peacock, and several rabbits. Now, this zoo is home to 5,000 natives. The zoo is large and spacious, all covered by the shade of trees, which help you hide from the heat. The living conditions of the animals are close to the wild. The staff of the zoo is caring for animals, they are well-groomed, however, like aviaries and habitats. During the school hours, open lessons in zoology and field trips are held at the zoo.

San Diego Safari Park

Location: San Diego, California
Ticket price: adult – $50, children – $40 + a visit to the San Diego Zoo, shows, transportation

In San Diego, the zoo is represented by two areas – the zoo itself and the Safari Park (San Diego Zoo Safari Park). So, Safari Park is a habitat for wild animals on a vast territory. This is one of the largest tourist attractions in San Diego. A trip to Safari Park can be compared to a trip to Africa. Alone in the car, you will go to meet wild animals that freely walk around. The only thing you should take care of is to take something to eat. There are no cafes and restaurants there. You can also go on a trip to a safari park in a balloon. Safari Park is a great addition to the Balboa Zoo.

Denver Zoo

Location: Denver, Colorado
Ticket price: adult – $13, children – $9

Denver Zoo is located on 80 acres of land in the parking area. It was founded in 1896. It is owned by the city and county of Denver, funded in part by the scientific and cultural institutions. For over a hundred years, the zoo has created several magnificent areas – Monkey Island, Feline House, Bird World, Bear Mountain. It is regularly replenished with new animals, and also already has its own offspring.

Saint Louis Zoo

Location: St. Louis, Missouri
Ticket price: admission is free

Saint Louis Zoo is recognized as a leader in animal management, research, conservation, and education. The access is free. The zoo has a magnificent marine area, which is inhabited by fur seals, sea lions, which swim up to visitors. A special impression in the zoo makes an aviary with big cats, an orangutan aviary and a pool in which hippos live. On the territory, there is a magnificent poultry-yard with many types of birds, among which there are Latin American parrots.

Toledo Zoo&Aquarium

Location: Toledo, Ohio
Ticket price: adult – $19, children – $16

Toledo Zoo is located in Toledo, Ohio. It is opened in 1900 as a small city zoological park. Now it is a huge modern zoo with a wide variety of animals. It is home to representatives of the tundra and Africa, tropical animals and the Sonora desert. In just one day, you can see almost all the animals that live on earth. Recently, a new aquarium with sharks and a greenhouse were opened.

Memphis Zoo

Location: Memphis, Ohio
Ticket price: adult – $15, children – $10

Memphis Zoo, located in the central part of the city and is home to more than 3,500 animals, representing more than 500 different species. Founded in April 1906, the zoo has been the main tenant of Overton Park for over 100 years. A special feature of this facility is a carefully designed route that will guide visitors to all areas. Memphis Zoo is home to both polar bears and red pandas. Catering places are located right at the enclosures.

Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden

Location: Cincinnati, Ohio
Ticket price: adult – $17, children – $14

The Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden is the second oldest zoo in the United States and is located in Cincinnati, Ohio. It is opened in 1875. It is distinguished by a beautiful territory. It is a botanical garden in which seasonal flowers, shrubs, trees grow. There are about 3 000 species. Due to the architectural design for building such pavilions as the Elephant House and the Reptile House, the Cincinnati Zoo has been included in the list of National Historic Monuments. Several species of endangered animals live in it. In total, about 500 animals live in the zoo.

San Diego Zoo

Location: San Diego, California
Ticket price: adult – $50, children – $40 + a visit to the Safari Park, shows, transport

The San Diego Zoo in the Balboa Park is home to 4,000 animals. This is California’s most populated zoo. The favorite of visitors is a huge panda. Such pandas are available only in 4 zoos in the world. The zoo is divided into thematic zones, which can be reached by bus. The zoo has created a wonderful corner for animals of the northern regions. It is inhabited by polar bears and penguins. A special interactive zone has been created for children, in which you can play with some animals.

Columbus Zoo and Aquarium

Location: Powell, Ohio
Ticket price: adult – $7.5, children – $5

Columbus Zoo And Aquarium – a non-profit institution and is located along the eastern shores of the O’Shaughnessy Reservoir on the Scioto River. It is divided into zones of different continents. The highlight of the zoo is a magnificent terrarium with snakes, monitor lizards and turtles, as well as an aviary with otters. Children will be delighted to see the pool with polar bears, who dive into the water and you can look at them through the transparent walls.

Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium

Location: Omaha, Nebraska
Ticket price: adult – $14.95, children – $9.95

Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium is a member of the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums. It is located in a vast territory. A train, tram, and funicular are used to cover all the territory. For relaxation, there are cafes and playgrounds. The zoo is divided into several zones – Desert, Jungle, Madagascar, and Aquarium. In some enclosures, animals live that you will no longer see in any other similar place. Every day, the zoo conducts a show of trained animals. All animals are well-groomed, live in excellent conditions. Many are allowed to feed. At the moment, the construction of new pavilions is underway at the zoo.

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