Science Cafe

Science Cafe is a place to discuss relevant and interesting scientific problems. This is an informal and accessible event for all.

The first science cafe was held in the UK in 1998. Since then, the idea has spread throughout the world. Currently, there are several hundred of these cafes in the world. The idea has been actively marching around the world, causing public interest. In a science cafe, you can freely communicate with scientists – physicists, psychologists, sociologists, biologists – and discuss a variety of topics with them over a cup of coffee, tea, or even sometimes wine. At the same time, you make sure once again that science not only lives within the walls of university laboratories but also on the streets of the city every day.

The highlight of some cafes is the presence of a comedian-presenter who will establish communication between scientists and the public.

In a science café, they hold popular science lectures, the purpose of which is to bring different areas of science closer to ordinary people.

These lectures are delivered in an easy, accessible form – there is no university classrooms, it happens in a cafe. The idea is very prosaic: science cafes are places with a relaxed, pleasant atmosphere. Listening to an interesting lecture makes a completely different impression on us, and we perceive the information much better. Sometimes, when they touch upon a serious topic, a lecture develops into a discussion with scientists, and we can observe the birth of interesting dialogues and unusual thoughts.