Guide Tour

A guide is one of the elements of the museums. The guide arranges tours of a particular tourist route or facility. The tour usually lasts several hours, and if the guide has no other functions, his responsibility ends with the end of the tour.

Usually, guides specialize in a specific area or route, so they provide information about attractions. They can lively and fascinatingly talk about each interesting building, monument, etc., answer a lot of additional questions. The more a specialist knows, the more interesting his story will be.

The profession of a guide is very exciting but responsible. The guide is responsible for customers who, in turn, are not always friendly and disciplined.

The guide should be able to understand a difficult situation, resolve the conflict and make the trip as comfortable as possible.


Guides usually work at travel agencies. But an experienced guide can work individually. Guides who are not responsible for tourist groups can work in museums, galleries, etc.

Important qualities

The guide must be a very versatile and artistic person, should admire and be able to speak to the public. Good memory, interest in new knowledge, responsibility, goodwill, readiness to communicate with a variety of people are the main characteristics to quality a guide. One more aspect is to have good health because the guide has to spend a lot of time walking and in constant communication.

Knowledge and skills

The guide should know a lot about the places in which he uses a tourist route. In addition, the guide needs to communicate with tourists in the same language. If he accompanies the group to another country, he should know the language of local residents.